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Our Projects Becoming a threat to inequity
in schools and beyond
through Equity Literacy.
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Equity Literacy Institute The Equity Literacy Institute is the newest of EdChange's projects and initiatives. It is a collective of educators, scholars, and professional development specialists who have embraced "equity literacy" as a guiding framework for equity and justice work in schools and communities. This framework is comprised of the knowledge and skills educators need to become a threat to the existence of inequity in our spheres of influence. In addition to offering free equity literacy resources, we offer workshops, consulting, and assessment services for schools, districts, colleges, universities, and community organizations.

Multicultural Education Pavilion The Multicultural Pavilion is an award-winning Website housing free resources for educators and activists dedicated to equity and social justice in schools and society. It was conceived and developed by Paul Gorski in 1995, making it the oldest on-going EdChange project. In some ways, it is more of a collection than a single project. It includes:

SoJust.net Document History of Social Justice and Civil Rights SoJust.net is an online document history of social justice, civil rights, human rights, equity, peace, and activism. Uncover the history of racial justice, women's rights, the gay rights movement, labor activism, and other movements through historic speeches, song lyrics, poetry, essays, and other documentary artifacts related to social transformation. Or participate in the site's growth by recommending songs, poems, speeches, or other documents that ought to be included. Currently SoJust is largely United-States based, but is expanding regularly. Like our other online projects, SoJust.net is absolutely free.

Teachers Against Poverty Teachers Against Poverty, Not Against People Experiencing Poverty is a Facebook gathering place (or "group") for educators who are concerned about the prevalence of deficit-oriented responses to class-based educational outcome disparities. It is a community of educators and activists who are committed to more transformative, structural-level responses. If you are concerned with approaches and frameworks like "mindsets of poverty" or "grit" and want to connect with educators who envision, embrace, and enact more meaningful approaches based on understandings of economic justice, structural equity, and equity literacy, we hope you will join the conversation. Share and find resources here. The community is about 2,000 strong and constantly growing.

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Becoming a threat to inequity in schools and beyond through Equity Literacy
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