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Free Handouts Becoming a threat to inequity
in schools and beyond
through Equity Literacy.
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The following printable handouts were designed by EdChange for a variety of different workshops, trainings, and classes. You are welcome to print, copy, and distribute any of these handouts, provided you keep them fully intact, with acknowledgement. All handouts are provided in Microsoft Word format.

Models and Schemas

An Introduction to the Equity Literacy Framework
10 Principles of Equity Literacy for Educators of Low-Income Students
Collaborative Problem-Solving for Equity and Justice

Multicultural and Social Justice Education

Ten Commitments for a Multicultural Educator
Taco Night (a brief reflection on the trouble with activities like Taco Night)
Toward a Critical Approach to Multicultural Teacher Education: Five Stages
20 Things I Can Do to Be a Better Multicultural Educator
Eleven Things You Can Do to Bring Class Equity to Your Classroom
Five Shifts of Consciousness for Multicultural Educators
Systemic Classism in U.S. Schools
Key Characteristics of a Multicultural Curriculum
Stages of Multicultural School Transformation
Challenging the Digital Divide in My Classroom

Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice in Society

Five Approaches to Social Justice Activism
Corporatization & Poverty Fact Sheet
Shifts of Consciousness for the Anti-Classist Activist
Stages of Anti-Poverty and Anti-Classist Consciousness
Shifts of Consciousness for Well-Intentioned White Folks
Paradigm Shifts for Equity in Healthcare
Quotations on Diversity, Social Justice, and Education
A Fact Sheet on Psychological Disabilities

Resource Lists

25 Web Sites for Educational Equity
History and Social Studies: Guide to Online Resources
Beyond the "Culture of Poverty": Resources on Class, Poverty, and Equity in Education (PDF)

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