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EdChange Consulting and Workshops on Multicultural Education, Diversity, Equity, Social Justice
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JUSTICE: the People's News
The Humane Education Station, a project initiated by Jennifer Hickman, is EdChange's initial foray into the intersections of social justice education and humane education. As we learn more and more about the gross inequities drenching the world around us, we have come to see three primary pillars of injustice--a sort of triangle of inhumanity. At one corner is human injustice: poverty, racism, sexism, imperialism, and so on. At another corner is profit-driven environmental destruction. At the third corner is animal abuse. We believe that ignoring any of these results in missing a full picture of any one of them. Please direct questions and comments to Jennifer Hickman.

Animal and Human Violence Resources: a vetted list of the best online resources for teachers

Critical Ties: The Animal Rights Awakening of a Social Justice Educator: an essay about the links between social justice education and humane education

Analyses of Animal Abusers

In the following essays the authors critically examine the histories, strategies, and propanda techniques of organizations that regularly oppose animal protection causes and legislation.

Personal Care Products Council: An Animal Cruelty Analysis by Jennifer A. Hickman

U.S. Sportsmens Alliance: A Study in Oppositionality to Animal Rights Organizations by Paul C. Gorski

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